We have hit the books to show you all the benefits of having sprinklers in schools

In 2015/16 there were nearly 700 fires attended by the emergency services in educational establishments in England and Wales. A high percentage of these cases were examples of deliberate arson with the Arson Prevention Forum has estimated that the education of around 90,000 children is affected by arson each year.

Additionally, fire has a huge effect on an educational facility (i.e. Schools, colleges, universities & nurseries) costing on average nearly £3 million. Unfortunately, the most recent Government figures for the overall costs of school fires are from 2014.  The fire damaged building was out of use for on average two years, meaning that student and staff have to use temporary structures until the work is complete.

The article also explores how much safer a school is when it has a sprinkler system installed on the premises. One key statistic is that fire and smoke damage are significantly reduced when sprinklers are fitted, by around 80 percent.

Article also explores the cost of sprinkler systems, it has been reported that the cost of installing a sprinkler system is only 1% of the building cost, which is apparently what it would cost to carpet a school.

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