Answering the biggest fire extinguisher questions.

Back in May, Cannon Fire launched a range of extinguishers, The range is colour coded which helps distinguish each extinguisher. The different colours have different intended uses and getting them wrong may result in making the fire worse.

Everyone has seen them before, but many people still have a few questions that often go unanswered. So, Cannon has compiled a list of questions about fire extinguishers and have kindly answered them. Fire extinguishers come in a whole host of sizes and colours, so while we hope you never have cause to use one, it’s important to understand what they are best suited for and how to properly maintain them.

More info about the extinguishers.

The Cannon range of extinguishers has various accreditations, so you know that our extinguishers are safe to do their job and the certifications. Our EN-3 Rated extinguishers have been certified by BSI, Cannon’s Eco-Foam, CO2, Water mist & Water extinguishers are compliant to the EN3 standard. Additionally, the range is LPCB certified as well (UKAS-0007) mark is featured on Cannon’s carbon dioxide, wet chemical agent and foam extinguishers.


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