Marie Curie came to the Cannon office to accept our donation.

Donation comes from the funds we raised back in the summer this year we raised £1,595 when we did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, as a company we asked our employees to choose where the money they raised should go. They chose the Marie Curie, Mayflower Sanctuary & Memory Café in Ollerton.

What have been the problems Marie Curie faced last year?

“Why support a larger charity like Marie Curie?” & the answer is that the charity operates regionally. Meaning that there are a community fundraising team and voluntary fundraising groups operating in the area. The money raised goes towards volunteer helpers and services that help end-of-life-patients across the UK including Nottinghamshire. The support Marie Curie receives comes from local communities. which goes towards volunteer helpers and services that help end-of-life-patients in the Nottinghamshire area, the support Marie Curie receives comes from local communities.

The money raised will also go towards a training programme that helps train new volunteer helpers, which has grown in the Nottinghamshire area to 18,000 calls in the last year. The training ensures volunteer helpers are properly trained to deal with the problems facing terminal patients.

Not having a base nursing system in Nottinghamshire means that precious home care support is no longer being provided by Marie Curie nurses in the area.

However, Marie Curie provides an incredible service called the Volunteer Helper Service. Funds raised allow Marie Curie to train up volunteers who can go into a person’s home to support them for a couple of hours. Whether they just need a cup of tea and someone to talk to, whether they need help with an errand or jobs around the house, Marie Curie helpers are a lifeline to people at the end of their life who need that additional support. They also give the families and friends of the patient a break from caring.

What will the Marie Curie Donation go towards?

Most importantly the money raised funds key support across the UK and in Nottinghamshire.

In Nottinghamshire, Marie Curie is no longer the main provider of nursing care. Despite this, Marie Curie continues to support in the area, providing a high-quality service through their Helper Volunteers and other projects.

One of these projects is the Marie Curie Support Line, which offers phone support for both people who are suffering and people caring for someone who has a terminal illness.

Additionally, they make informative booklets offering information on medication, financial advice and support through bereavement as well as highlighting the Marie Curie Support Line service.

Additionally, they carefully match Volunteer Helpers with patients, they will do this based on their mutual interests for example if they have a patient with an interest in football they will match them with a Volunteer Helpers who is also interested in football.

Some of the money raised will go towards research, e.g. in 2017, the University of Nottingham researched “End-of-life care for homeless people,” this research helps councils make better decisions regarding what they do with their budgets

Finally, the money will help keep Marie Curie services running throughout the Christmas period.

Marie curie Support Line, Donation

Rebecca Davies (Marie Curie) said the following:

“Marie Curie, really appreciates the effort of the Asset Protection Group & it is amazing to see local people supporting other local people with terminal illnesses in the area, without fundraising like APG’s Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge we would struggle to provide important services like out helper service and our information support line, a big well done and thank you so much!” 

About Marie Curie

Marie Curie is a registered charitable organisation in the United Kingdom which provides care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families. To read more visit their website.

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