NFU releases Rural crime report 2018

UK’s leading rural insurer NFU releases their rural crime report for 2018, the report contains a summary of their findings (click on below image to see the report) . It also highlights geographically the areas that have improved and declined in the last year. The report also discusses the Medieval solutions being implemented into farms across the UK and other ways to improve security. 


With factors such as limited police resources and repeat attacks have become some of the biggest concerns for people living in the countryside. Both Quads/ATVs, tools, machinery and 4x4s vehicles are topping thieves’ wish lists. Whilst CCTV is one of the most common security measures being installed.

Rising costs

NFU estimates that rural crime cost the UK £44.5 million in 2017.  Which is an overall increase of 13.4% which equates to approximately £5.9 million. The report then highlights this increase with examples. The theft of Agricultural vehicles such as tractors and other equipment increased from £5.4 to £5.9 million. Whereas the theft of Landrover Defenders went down from £ 2.1 down to 1.9 million.  But the theft of quad bikes and other All-Terrain-Vehicles increased by approx. £300,000, increasing from £2 million to £2.3 million. Finally, the report highlights that livestock theft has also increased.

Who is Winning and losing?

The NFU uses this data to highlight that rural crime is currently higher now than at any point in the past 5 years.

But some areas of the UK have improved where others have become worse. Wales is amongst the worst affected areas which has seen an increase of 41.2%in rural crime, rising to £1.9 million. The Midlands saw a 31.8 % increase with statistics showing £ 8.8 million, up from the previous year’s £6.7 million.

The report also highlights the 30 worst affected counties (in 2017), which highlights Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & West Yorkshire as the worst affected areas.

Hertfordshire saw a large increase of 131.7% with the cost of rural crime reaching £986,724 up from the previous year of only £425,938. By comparison, Norfolk saw a decrease of 25% going down to £680,433 from £906,868.

Medieval Solutions

To protect their crops/property and livestock as well as keep criminals off their land, NFU reports that there has been an increase of farmers are improving their security with medieval methods, that have been used for centuries.  These farmers have been employing traditional methods such as ditches which make vehicle access much more difficult. Single point entry ensuring there is only one point of exit and access (this improves the effectiveness of CCTV if installed correctly). Reinforced gates, which protect the entrances to farmyards from ram raids. Barricaded strong rooms, which are being used to protect expensive tools and chemicals. High yard fences, which stop intruders from gaining access by climbing over. Protective animals, Animals such as dogs still provide a useful low-tech alarm system, just as they did hundreds of years ago.

Improving Security

Finally, the report categorises the ways in which members of rural communities and businesses can secure themselves. Physical, technology & community.

Physically they advise, installing fences and gates, securing outbuildings, locking away machinery. BGB our perimeter solutions division who design, install, repair, service and maintain the all of the following…Rising Bollards, Speed Lanes, Sliding Gates, Bi-Fold Gates, Rising Barriers, Turnstiles, Swing Gates, Garage Door & Road Blockers. To read more about BGB visit their page.

With the use of technology they advise, to install CCTV, as well as security lighting in yards and drives (which improves the effectiveness of CCTV). As well as adding a tracking device to property such as vehicles.  VRC our monitoring solutions division can help you with reactive CCTV monitoring, iLocate (GPS asset tracking), call handling & visually verified alarms! To read more about VRC monitoring solutions visit their page. 

Additionally, they advise the use of infra-red and burglar alarms which our Alarm response and key holding divisions ARK, who attend out of alarm activations and can help you with Mobile Patrols, Emergency Bell Testing, Manned Guarding & Dog Handlers and more! To read more about Alarm Response & Key holding visit their page.

NFU also mention the local communities, suggesting things such as having a ‘community-look-out,’, as well as joining a Farm Watch scheme. Always share suspicious sightings with the local community. Finally, the encourage maintaining a link with the local police & by reporting all crimes to them as they happen.

Further reading

If you would like to continue reading you can visit the original article on the NFU’s website or you can get a copy of the report for yourself here. The NFU also produced a set of great infographics which visualises how and where various rural crimes are happening. Additionally, we have an industrial page that shows how the companies across the APG group secure and protects the industrial customers in Farms, factories, warehouses, data centre, assembly lines and more.

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