The aim of the day is to start a nationwide conversation about all aspects of surveillance technology.

How does VRC use surveillance cameras?

VRC doesn’t install CCTV cameras, they receive the footage being recorded by a CCTV camera at their Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Bristol, which is NSI Gold, Category II facility.  The footage that VRC receive is being watched 24 7 by camera operators.  As VRC does not install CCTV cameras they have with many various install partners all across the UK who can go to the site and install cameras where required.

VRC’s Response Centre is a compatibility powerhouse being able to integrate over 200 different brands of camera, meaning whatever cameras a person has VRC will be able to work with their existing hardware and improve the security of any site, whether it is a commercial or residential space.

Currently, VRC receives footage from over 20,000 cameras, this comes from over 1000 different sites & but has the capacity for even more cameras and sites! The power of AI is being utilised as well with VRC recently launching the “Smart Filter Service,” this new service offers many benefits such as 80% reduction in false alarms! As well as less engineer time spent on sites. Having experience with a 1000s of cameras and sites, VRC’s tailor makes bespoke solutions for its customers.

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What is Surveillance Camera Day?

Organised by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) in conjunction with the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP), Surveillance Camera Day, is a national event to raise awareness and inspire debate about the use of surveillance cameras in modern society.   Whether you install cameras, operate them, use them, manufacture them or are captured by them, this new initiative welcomes every perspective.

What is involved in Surveillance Camera Day?

A key part of the day is having camera controllers publish information about how and why they use surveillance cameras additionally there is the ‘Doors Open initiative,’ encouraging video surveillance camera control rooms to open their doors to members of the public and The initiative is designed to give people access to the control rooms so they can see and learn first-hand how they are run to keep communities safe and secure whilst not intruding on their privacy.

Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner, said the following…

“Surveillance Camera Day is a world first. The UK is sometimes referred to as ‘the most surveilled country on the planet’. I want to start a conversation about how surveillance cameras are used, why they’re used and who is using them. Cameras are used to keep people safe but new and emerging technology can lead to greater infringements to our civil liberties. Civil engagement is a key strand of the national surveillance camera strategy and I want people who use cameras to shine a light on what they do – how they’re using cameras to protect communities not spy on them.”

Of particular importance, is the pressing need for a nationwide conversation about how camera technology is evolving, especially around automatic face recognition and artificial intelligence and how surveillance cameras are actually used in practice, why they’re used and who is using them. This conversation is important, because we are all captured by the gaze of the camera lens and because surveillance camera systems are meant to be delivered in the public interest – to keep communities safe and secure.

VRC Video Receiving Centre

For over 10 years we have been offering bespoke monitoring solutions to protect people, property and peace of mind across the UK and Ireland. From our state of the art, Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Yate, our highly experienced team work night and day to ensure your people and property are protected.

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About CRISP (Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy)

CRISP was founded in 2012 by Professor Kirstie Ball (St Andrews University, since 2016, previously The Open University), Professor William Webster (University of Stirling), and Professor Charles Raab (University of Edinburgh) as its Directors. It is an interdisciplinary centre bringing together expertise from across the social sciences, the arts, humanities, information sciences, and other relevant fields. To learn more about CRISP you can visit their website.


About SCC (Surveillance Camera Commissioner)

It’s the Commissioner’s role to ensure that surveillance camera systems such as CCTV, Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Body Worn Video cameras are used to protect communities rather than spy on them. To help with this the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice was published by the Home Office in 2013. Read more here.

About VRC

VRC offers bespoke monitoring solutions because we want to protect people, property and peace of mind across the UK and Ireland. As a result of our state of the art, Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Yate. VRC’s highly experienced team work night and day to ensure your people and property are protected. Our facility is an NSI Gold, Category II RVRC offering a range of services.

About APG

The Asset Protection Group comprises a group of Fire & Security companies with shared ownership and one common goal, protecting your most important assets. As a collective group, we look to offer protection to your assets to assist you with your ongoing success within your own business.