The 5% Club is for companies who are committed to raising the number of apprentices in the UK.


Asset Protection Group has showcased its commitment to developing its people by joining The 5% Club. Which is an industry-led initiative focussed on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and sponsored students.

The 5% Club, initiated by Leo Quinn CEO of Balfour Beatty in 2013, is a movement of more than 300 employers providing ‘earn and learn’ opportunities to develop the skills and talents people need to become more employable and create meaningful careers. Companies joining The 5% Club commit to raising the number of apprentices, sponsored students and graduates on formal programmes to 5% of their total workforce within five years. Members are also asked to publicly report their progress in their Annual Report. Existing members range from SMEs to FTSE and cover a number of diverse industries, from engineering through to the legal sector.

Ashley Haigh (APG Managing Director) has said the following,

“The fire and security industry are in desperate need of the next generation of engineers and managers. College and University is not for everybody, but across the group, we’ve brought many people in on a earn as you learn basis and will continue to do so. Joining the 5% club just reinforces this commitment.”

The accreditation backs up what we’ve been doing for years already. It’s nice to be a member of a club with like-minded companies who are also investing in their people to share idea’s.

All staff, young and old, are offered and encouraged to take up training courses with external bodies. We fund the courses and support the staff with day release and time off to ensure that they can dedicate enough time to their learning. 

We’ll continue to recruit people with that have a desire to work, who wish to grow and learn with the Asset Protection Group, to enable our own ambitions to continue to grow as a company.

Lady Cobham, Director General of The 5% Club has said the following.

“We’re delighted to welcome APG into membership. The 5% Club provides a fantastic network of HR professionals, sharing and learning from each other.  All our members share an ethos of creating a skilled workforce through ‘earn and learn’ development programmes, helping people develop meaningful career paths.”


About The 5% Club

The 5% Club is a dynamic movement of employers committed to earn & learn as part of building and developing the workforce they need as part of a socially mobile, prosperous and cohesive nation. The Club exists to help its members and all employers increase further the number, quality and range of earn & learn opportunities across the UK. To read more about The 5% Club visit our quality page.


About APG

The Asset Protection Group comprises a group of Fire & Security companies with shared ownership and one common goal, protecting your most important assets. As a collective group, we look to offer protection to your assets to assist you with your ongoing success within your own business.