Safer Streets Project

Over one million pounds has been invested into implementing additional security measures across Stoke-on-Trent as part of the Government’s Safer Streets Fund, following a successful bid for funding through the Staffordshire Commissioner’s Office.

The aim of the additional security was to help reduce criminal activity and ensure that the people and businesses of Hanley felt safe to walk the streets in their town.

In 2021, Boundary Gate and Barrier were awarded the contract to install security gates and railings in 17 areas around Hanley Town Centre which highlighted as being high in anti-social behavior and other serious crimes.

Boundary Gate and Barrier help make “Safer Streets”

Working closely with the police, Boundary Gate and Barrier assessed the areas and the locations of the 17 gates and ensured they were strategically placed. Making it difficult for offenders to get into designated areas, especially where there are dark alleyways, which have historically been the ideal place for crimes to take place.

When considering the security gates and railings design, Boundary Gate and Barrier wanted to make the gates difficult to tamper with; the locks have been protected with a semi-circular design shroud to make it difficult for unauthorised persons to access the locks and gain entry to the areas, the design is a solid steel and designed at 2.4m height with no ridges to climb and a spiked top, also to deter people from attempting to climb them.

Whilst the gates and railings were made with security in mind they still look aesthetically pleasing to the eye for the public and do not spoil the general look of the town centre which was important.

Hanley Town Walkabout

On Wednesday 27th April 2022, Boundary Gate and Barrier attended a press event to publicise the new security measures that have been implemented around the town.

Those in attendance on the day; Tim Gatehouse (BGB Business Development Manager), Alan Crawshaw (Head of Gate and Barrier Division for Boundary Gate and Barrier), Yvonne (Stoke City Council), Chris (Hanley PCSO), Colin (Stoke Police Crime Commissioner), Ben Adams (Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner), Abi Brown (Council Leader) Stoke Radio, Manchester Evening News.

“Had an amazing attendance to the Press event for the joint Staffs Police and Hanley (Stoke on Trent) Council Safer Streets Alley Gates Project.  A fantastic project successfully tendered for back in Sept 2021, involving 17 gates and railings throughout Hanley Town Centre. It has been project not without its challenges involving a special gate design to prevent unauthorised persons reaching through the vertical upright bar and operating the push pad locks.  In some of the images you can see where we incorporated a half-moon 4mm plate to prevent access plus we reduced the gap between the vertical uprights on the railing infill, 2 measures we introduced into the design because of extra security requirements.”

Tim Gatehouse, Boundary Gate and Barrier Business Development Manager

“In the process of designing these security gates, we have done our best to think of everything to prevent unauthorised access to these secluded, and high-crime areas of Hanley Town”.

Boundary’s Director of Gates and Barrier Division, Alan Crawshaw

Chris, Hanley Town PCSO

“The installation of these gates around Hanley will be beneficial to us and will greatly assist with cutting down on anti-social behaviour and petty thefts. They’re a god send. After 16 years of working around the area, these gates are going to help us a lot”.

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