Informative article dispels incorrect information about fire sprinkler.

Cannon Fire Sprinklers publishes sprinkler myth article to help highlight to people some of the incorrect information that Is still largely believed by the public. These “myths,” regarding “how sprinklers work” has left many people confused.

All the topics/questions in Cannon’s article can be seen in the list below.  (clicking on a question will take you to the answer in the article)

This confusion may have prevented people from getting them installed to a premise, leaving the building dangerously unprepared for a fire. As seen in our  “Firefighters call for ‘life-saving’ sprinkler law.” In which it was revealed that 96% of towers in London are without sprinkler systems.

Late last year Cannon our fire suppression division launched the new Cannon Fire Sprinklers and since has been designing and installing different sprinkler systems nationwide.

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