Redcare is the most powerful alarm signalling device in the UK.   


What is it? / How does it work?

Redcare is the UK’s best alarm signalling device and network from BT.  The small device is designed to be installed to your alarm panel which is the central point for door alarms, infrared motion detectors, fire alarms or whatever relevant sensors have been added to a property. Redcare is an addition to an alarm system, it automatically contacts an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) who can then do a number of things such as intervene with an audio warning, contacting the police, alert customer.

The dual-path signalling in the products is very forward thinking and fantastically suited to this kind of device. Dual-path signalling means that in the event of an alarm activation that Redcare devices has two separate means of communication isn’t singularly reliant on BT’s Openreach phone line platform… but can utilise up to 2 different mobile networks signals (via the 2 SIM card slots) to transmit an alarm signal to its a receiver. All these built-in redundancies mean the system will not fail, the signal will be sent and that Redcare is future proof.

Without Redcare

When a Redcare device isn’t installed, if any building sensors are triggered a signal is sent to the alarm panel which in turn activates an audible alarm. Which will be heard around the building (assuming suitable fire alarm sensors are in place). A building without Redcare will be adequate at alerting people on site to potential danger. But if there was a fire/other alarm activation after-hours the alarm would sound but won’t be heard if there is no one on site.

With Redcare

However, with Redcare installed assuming the same situation as above, within *90 seconds of the fire alarm being set, a signal will have been received by ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Who can contact the fire department if necessary, which means any building occupants can focus on getting to a safe location.

Additionally, once installed Redcare works 24/7/365 meaning if there was an after-hours break-in or fire. Redcare device will alert a customers’ ARC, who also work around the clock and can ensure that in the event of an emergency the best course of action is taken quickly, giving business and homeowners the peace of mind of 24/7 security.

*90 seconds alert time is only true for the BT Redcare Ultimate

The BT Redcare range

The devices look the same but each different Essential, Advanced, Advanced Extra & Ultimate but the internal hardware of the devices is different giving the range different levels of capabilities.

  • Essential – The most affordable in the range, with wireless alarm signalling.
  • Advanced – Dual-path alarm signalling for medium risk sites. This unit is upgradable with the option to add further security capabilities as needed.
  • Advanced Extra – Faster dual-path alarm signalling for different levels of risk.
  • *Ultimate – The best, most responsive system yet. Featuring both powerful 4G signalling and private IP connections for the strongest alarm signalling device yet!


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