(noun) The healthcare sector consists of companies that provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment or drugs, provide medical insurance, or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients. e.g. Hospitals, Hospices, GP, nursing homes, dentists, Psychiatric, Rehabilitation centre & Crematoriums.

Our belief in Healthcare

At APG we value the healthcare in the UK. British citizens have the choice between the incredible NHS or can opt for private healthcare. 

There are a variety of business types that operate within this sector, they include hospitals, clinics, labs, psychiatric facilities and nursing homes.  The healthcare sector is hugely significant to us at APG, we have huge respect for people working in this noble industry. Healthcare professionals have to be focused on the safety and health of their patient’s and deserve to feel as secure as possible whilst practising.

Group Services

  • Alarm Response & Key Holding (ARK)
  • Open and Lock (ARK)
  • Manned Guarding (ARK)
  • Bollards (BGB)
  • Road Blockers (BGB)
  • Vehicle Barriers  (BGB)
  • Gates (BGB)
  • Fences (BGB)
  • Ansul R-102 (Cannon)
  • Gas Suppression (Cannon)
  • CCTV Monitoring (VRC)
  • Visual Verification (VRC)
  • Fire and Intruder Monitoring (VRC)

ARK & Healthcare

ARK Alarm response and key holding, Open & Lock service is often used by a lot of our Healthcare customers, We can send mobile patrol officers to attend at agreed times to unlock or lock up your premises. In the morning, our officers can unlock your premises, make a security check and handover to designated staff members.

At night, as well as locking up, our officers can switch off lights, shut down computers/ machinery and set alarms. We can give our officers a complete checklist of all your needs to fulfil any requirements you may have.

ARK’s Manned Guarding is also used in health care, as in recent years there has been an increased rate of pharmacies being targeted by burglars and thieves. Having a security professional present attending on-site in the event of an alarm significantly will reduce the chance of a burglar attempting to gain access to the premise.

ARM Secure

ARM Secure specialise in providing professional Keyholding and Alarm Response Monitoring services across the UK to secure your home or business and ensure the safety of your family and staff.

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BGB & Healthcare 

BGB can provide solutions for different sizes of business from a small GP’s surgery to a large city hospital, in addition to perimeter solutions, BGB can also help with authorised-access and overall building security.

Bollards & Road Blockers are ideal for pharmacies as they can protect the building from being ram-raided, overall making a locations access by a vehicle near impossible when the bollards have risen.

BGB also supply Vehicle Barriers that act as the gate for a car park. In addition to all of the above BGB supply a variety of gates and fences that would perfectly secure a car park.

BGB Boundary Gate and Barrier

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts are experts in all forms of Perimeter Security. With national installation and service capabilities, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts provides our customers with a one-stop gate and barrier solution.

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Cannon & Healthcare

Cannon Fire Protection is one of the few Ansul authorised dealers in the UK. Cannon supply various hospitals in the UK with Ansul R-102 equipment which keeps their kitchens safe.

With all the sensitive equipment present in surgery rooms, installing a traditional water-based fire sprinkler system is not the best option: the water from the sprinklers can do as much damage to your equipment as a fire!

It is safest to use a clean agent fire suppression. Instead of using water, FM-200 synthetic gas suppression systems use a gas that absorbs heat until the temperature drops below the flammable range. The gas is highly effective even in small amounts, so oxygen displacement is minimal.

Cannon Fire Protection

With over 30 years experience, Cannon Fire Protection has developed an excellent reputation within the fire protection industry throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 

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VRC & Healthcare

VRC also have an impact on the health-care business. However, the use of surveillance in healthcare settings can be problematic because of the need to protect patients’ confidentiality. But there are 5 vital reasons …

  1.  Preventing theft – It prevents staff or visitors from stealing things that are kept in storage.
  2. Monitor patients – It simplifies check-in system for patients.
  3. Ambulances – Footage of parking lot, it can track which vehicle has been assigned to whom.
  4. Employee check-ins – It shows who checked-in or checked-out at the specific time.
  5. Patient discharge – It detects if any patient gets discharged without the permission of the doctor.

Our CCTV Monitoring service can be used with Visual Verification and Fire & Intruder Monitoring so that the fastest possible response is issued in the event of a fire or an intruder, protecting the patient and staff present.

VRC Video Receiving Centre

For over 10 years we have been offering bespoke monitoring solutions to protect people, property and peace of mind across the UK and Ireland. From our state of the art, Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Yate, our highly experienced team work night and day to ensure your people and property are protected.

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Welcome to APG Ollie!

Welcome to APG Ollie!

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APG Appoint A Group Technical Director

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Introducing ARM Secure

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