We went over to the Sanctuary to see what they plan to do with the donation money that we raised.

Back in the summer this year we raised £1,595 for charity when we did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, as a company we asked our employees to choose where the money they raised should go. We choose the Mayflower Sanctuary, Marie Curie  & Memory Café in Ollerton. The charities will get £531.66 each.

We are excited to share the funds between the charities and find out about what our contributions will allow the charities to do. So, we travelled up to Bawtry to visit the Sanctuary, upon arriving we discovered that the sanctuary is set on an idyllic/rural background. This is ideal for the dogs as they have plenty of space to run and play when going on walks. We spoke with Jenny who offered us the opportunity to have a look around the sanctuary. So, that we could meet some of the dogs that they are housing and taking care of until they find a permanent home.

The money we raised will go towards monthly vet bills that can reach a few thousand pounds a month. Whilst looking around we took a few photos of the great dogs that are there, we saw small puppies and adult dogs. So, if you are wanting to rescue a dog the Mayflower Sanctuary in Bawtry is the best place to adopt a dog.

Charlotte MacConnachie, Cannon Fire Protection choose the Mayflower Sanctuary said the following…

“Local charity who don’t receive government funds unlike some of the larger organisations that do. So, it important to continue supporting the excellent work they do.”

To read more about how we raised the money read our APG conquer Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge article, there is a photo gallery showing off our time in the peaks.



About Mayflower Sanctuary (Bawtry)
The Sanctuary rescues abused and abandoned dogs and cats providing care and sanctuary until permanent responsible homes can be found. Last year Mayflower re-homed over 350 dogs and 120 cats. Our rescue centre relies heavily on volunteers and public support without which we would not be able to continue. To read more visit their website Mayflower Sanctuary.

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