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A Group of UK Leading Fire and Security Companies Protecting People, Properties and Peace of Mind
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Our Divisions

The Asset Protection Group comprises of a group of Fire & Security Companies with a shared ownership and one common goal; Protecting People, Properties and Peace of Mind.

The companies mentioned below are our security brands that make up the group. Each of them has their own unique disciplines. ARM Secure specialises in Alarm Response Monitoring & Keyholding. Boundary Gate & Barrier specialises in Perimeter Control. Cannon Fire Protection specialises in Fire Suppression and Cannon Fire Sprinklers specialises in Fire Sprinklers.

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Our Promise

Protecting People, Properties and Peace of Mind to both people and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

As a collective group, we look to offer protection to your property and assets. We have become experts in dealing with various business niches and sectors. 

Because of this, we do this with an extraordinary amount of due diligence as there are no shortcuts when it comes to protecting people and saving lives.






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Public Sector

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Health Care

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Latest News Across The Group

Rachael Mockler Appointed Cannon Fire’s Commercial Director!

Rachael Mockler Appointed Cannon Fire’s Commercial Director!

We are thrilled to introduce Cannon Fire Protection's new Commercial Director as our very own, Rachael Mockler. Rachael joined Cannon Fire Protection back in January 2019 and has had a huge, positive impact on the business as a Commercial Manager. Rachael joined...

Cannon Fire Passes SP206 Re-Audit

Cannon Fire Passes SP206 Re-Audit

Zero Observations We are delighted to announce that our Fire Company, Cannon Fire Protection has passed it's SP203 and SP206 re-audit this week with zero observations! Cannon were awarded the BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) scheme certificate for kitchen...

Welcome to APG Ollie!

Welcome to APG Ollie!

We welcome Ollie Calvert as our newest member of our growing team at ARM Secure. Ollie joins us as our Group Business Analyst, which is a new role within our company. Ollie’s Fact File Education Went to Tower College in Rainhill for High School, Carmel College in St....