Public Sector

(noun) A part of the economy, composed of both public services and public enterprises. Public services include goods and government services such as the military, police, infrastructure (public roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, etc.), public transit, public education, along with health care and those working for the government itself, such as elected officials.

What we think about the Public Sector

Public offices are amongst the most challenging work environments, due to limited resources. At APG we believe that we that as a group our division can be used to make various elements of the public sector’s security better, more efficient whilst improving the lives of employees in this sector.

In making this sector more efficient we optimise the man-hours need to accomplish certain tasks and make the tax-payers money go further.


  • Open and Lock (ARK)
  • Alarm Response & Key Holding (ARK)
  • Gates (BGB)
  • Barriers (BGB)
  • Turnstiles (BGB)
  • Roller Shutters (BGB)
  • Road Blockers (BGB)
  • Bollards (BGB)
  • Fencing (BGB)
  • Gas Suppression (Cannon)
  • Fire Suppression (Cannon)
  • CCTV Monitoring (VRC)
  • Fire & Intruder Monitoring (VRC)
  • Visual Verification (VRC)
  • Out of Hours Call Handling (VRC)

Public Sector & ARK.

ARK Alarm Response and Keyholding, Open & Lock service could be used in the public sector, We can send mobile patrol officers to attend at agreed times to unlock or lockup to premises such as a park. At night, as well as locking up, our officers can switch off lights. We can give our officers a complete checklist of all your needs to fulfil any requirements you may have. Making it so that public sector professionals can stay more focused on the needs of the people they are serving.

ARK’s Mobile Patrols is also used in the public sector to assist the police/council, as police have to attend multiple crimes per night it is not possible for them to safeguard and patrol a single area for an extended period of time. However, ARK can stay in the same place for however long is required.

ARK Alarm Response & Keyholding

Alarm Response & Keyholding specialise in providing professional keyholding and alarm response services across the UK to secure your home or business and ensure the safety of your family and staff.

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Public Sector & BGB.

BGB Boundary Gate & Barrier can completely secure a site.  Whether it is Gates, Barriers, Turnstiles, Roller Shutters, Road Blockers, Bollards or Fencing. These perimeter-products can be fully installed and maintained by BGB engineers. Vehicle Barriers could be used to secure a car park so that only specified people can gain access.

You can select from Half Height and Full Height Turnstiles, finding the right product to meet your particular requirement.

BGB Boundary Gate and Barrier

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts are experts in all forms of Perimeter Security. With national installation and service capabilities, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts provides our customers with a one-stop gate and barrier solution.

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Public Sector & Cannon.

Cannon Fire Protection provides an extensive amount of product and services to both the Police Forces and Fire stations located around the UK. We don’t just to protect their buildings but their data and documents too… by protecting their server rooms with Fixed Fire Suppression Solutions.

Because Cannon engineer’s are experts in their field, Room Integrity Testing is vital to for correct operations of any Gaseous Systems. We are also able to do Electrical Testing which determines how effective the systems would be. 

Cannon Fire Protection

With over 30 years experience, Cannon Fire Protection has developed an excellent reputation within the fire protection industry throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 

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Public Sector & VRC.

VRC Monitoring Solutions division can add considerable security capabilities to Councils, Transport & Police. With the CCTV Monitoring which uses advanced video analytics or motion detection, we can respond in an instant to incidents on a site.

As well as Visual Verification and Fire & Intruder Monitoring, which is able to offer conventional intruder and fire monitoring through a range of products, VRC is able to visually verify your intruder & fire alarms. Saving you money on call outs for false alarms and ensuring genuine alarms can be visually confirmed before the police or fire service are dispatched reducing the chances of losing your URN (Unique Reference Numbers).

Separately VRC provides Out of Hours Call Handling, ensure your community can contact their local council. We can offer in-house call handling out of hours.

VRC Video Receiving Centre

For over 10 years we have been offering bespoke monitoring solutions to protect people, property and peace of mind across the UK and Ireland. From our state of the art, Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Yate, our highly experienced team work night and day to ensure your people and property are protected.

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Cannon Fire Protection Awarded New BAFE SP206 Scheme Certificate

Cannon Fire Protection Awarded New BAFE SP206 Scheme Certificate

Cannon Fire Protection Awarded New BAFE SP206 Scheme Certificate

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the new BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) scheme certificate for kitchen fire suppression systems.

The new scheme (SP206) was originally set up in 2018 by BAFE as a means of verifying the competency of companies who install and maintain commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.

The scheme took almost two years to develop with the support of insurers, equipment manufacturers and trade associations from the fire and catering industries.

Fire industry/insurance data reveals food and drink related fires are statistically the third most likely cause of large fires, also accounting for nearly 10% of all large loss fires. Fires involving restaurants and cafes represent some 42% of all fires within the food and drink sector put together.

BAFE’s new scheme has been developed to provide end users of kitchen equipment with the confidence and peace of mind that their kitchen fire suppression systems have been installed and/or maintained by a provider who has been independently assessed for their competency. The certification scheme covers the design, installation, commissioning, recharge and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression or protection systems.

The BAFE Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme (SP206) observes best practice including LPS 1223 (fixed fire extinguishing systems for catering equipment) and the UL 300 (Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment) Approval Standards.

BSI, who carried out the surveillance audit on behalf of BAFE, went through all our processes for installation and maintenance from quotation to final commissioning and all stages in between. They also did a full audit of our quality management system.

Nicola Roberts, Operations Director commented:

“Achieving this accreditation continues to demonstrate that as a business we are committed to third party accredited schemes providing a focus on delivering the best possible service to our customers through quality products and procedures.”

We are now one of seven companies in the UK who have been awarded this certification.

Find out more about Cannon Fire’s certified kitchen fire suppression systems here or call us on 01623 860685.

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Coronavirus Statement

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